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Mystical England: A Journey to Avalon
May 16th - 24th, 2021


Day One
You will be met at London Heathrow Airport and taken in our private bus to meet Mara in the beautiful gardens of Stourhead. Here we will eat lunch together, then take a walk through this splendid landscape which features temples and grottos dedicated to classical deities, all designed according to esoteric principles. Then on to the Vale of Avalon near Glastonbury to settle into our peaceful retreat centre which lies beneath a wooded Celtic hillfort.

Day Two
We begin our journey into the Mysteries of Glastonbury with a meditation walk through the gardens of the Chalice Well to experience the energies of the Deep Feminine. We will drink and cleanse ourselves in the pools in this place of Water and Earth. Then we walk over to the cave-like source of the neighbouring White Spring, now an Underworld temple to the gods and goddesses of Avalon. Later, we climb Glastonbury Tor, topped by the tower dedicated to the Archangel Michael and the powers of the Upperworld, where you can see for miles over the ‘Summerlands,’ and experience the powers of Air and Fire.

Day Three
Today we explore the legends and lore of the Holy Grail, and visit the evocative ruins of Glastonbury Abbey to view the Lady Chapel, the reputed grave of King Arthur and Queen Guenevere, and more. We’ll also visit the lesser-known medieval Chapel of St Margaret, which carries a deep resonance with Mary Magdalene. Here we will have a meditation focused on the healing power of this powerful presence. You’ll have free time this afternoon to explore the many eclectic shops and galleries in town. This evening renowned Glastonbury harpist, John Dalton, will entertain us with a concert!

Merlin's cave
Day Four
Our pilgrimage leads us to Avebury, a village which sits right in the middle of a unique megalithic ceremonial landscape of giant stone circles and avenues. We will ritually enter the stones, then be free to wander among them and attune to their energies. We will also visit nearby Silbury Hill, a mysterious mound shaped like a pyramid associated with ancient harvest rituals, and enter into the womb of the Earth Mother through the ancient earth chamber of West Kennet Long Barrow.

Day Five
We leave Somerset for the sea-girt kingdom of Cornwall. We will arrive at Tintagel, and at low tide, enter Merlin’s Cave, an extraordinary portal to the Otherworld. Then we’ll explore Tintagel Castle, the legendary birthplace of King Arthur, dramatically located atop an island. Afterwards we will take a walk through St Nectan's Glen, with its ancient chapel and holy well, and wander through faery-haunted woods to a magnificent waterfall.

Day Six
Today will be a special day of meditation, chanting and ritual led by Manon Tromp. We will attune to the sacred energies of the Beltane season and discover how to ignite the fires of creativity in our own lives. The day will begin with an attunement to the trees in the Celtic Tree Circle at Earth Spirit Centre, followed by a ritual walk up to the summit of the Iron Age hillfort, Dundon Beacon, for a fire ceremony. This evening, tomorrow’s special presenters Peter Knight and Sue Wallace will join us for an fascinating talk about Dartmoor.

Day Seven
Peter and Sue will take us on an adventure to mystical Dartmoor in the beautiful county of Devon. First we’ll explore Hound Tor to see the Dreamtime rock giants and connect with the spirit of the land. After our picnic lunch on the moor, we will bless the waters of the land, and visit Scorhill Stone Circle and attune our hearts with the stones. Finally, we will visit Spinster’s Rock, a large Neolithic dolmen, which stands on the Mary current of the St Michael or Dragon Line. Here we will dowse the pulses of the current, and end with an Earth-healing drumming ceremony beneath its megalithic capstone.

Day Eight
At dawn we travel to Salisbury Plain for a private and exclusive sunrise ceremony within the great megaliths of Stonehenge, the most famous and mysterious of ancient temples. Afterwards, we’ll wend our way westwards again to one last sacred site. This might be the magnificent 12th century Wells Cathedral or Cadbury Camp, the legendary site of King Arthur’s Camelot: The choice will depend on the weather and other considerations. Tonight we celebrate our journey together with an evening of joyful Circle Dance!

Day Nine
This morning we head eastwards back to Heathrow airport for farewells and flights home.

Please note: While we make every effort to keep to the above itinerary, it may be subject to change due to weather or other unforeseen conditions.

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