Unforgettable journeys to the ancient sites of
England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and France

This journey was beyond my wildest dreams – Amazing! I most enjoyed connections with the Ancestors, the people/new friends (on the journey with me and in towns etc.), the land and stones, the energy and the ways it spoke. Scot is one of the most entertaining, knowledgeable people I have ever run across in that capacity. His stories, humor, understanding of history, geology, geography, mythology, human nature, and much more created an atmosphere of really having a living experience of the land, the country, the people and so on. The accommodation was way beyond expectation! Each place had a charm and beauty of its own, and the food was outstanding. My previous experiences in England and a bit in Scotland did NOT prepare me for what we were treated to in each place.

C.C., Novato, CA

"This journey was a kind of vision quest for me. The quiet grounded serenity of Iona supported me finding a singing voice I can share with ease. The comfort of the hotel accommodations, staff and excellent food allowed me to just sink into the essence of Iona and revel in finding parts of me I didn't know existed. I entered into this Pilgrimage with ideas about how it would be and what I would find, and it was nothing like my imaginings. My imaginings were much too small, too limited. This journey was like following a breadcrumb trail of spiritual treasures. I feel deeply changed. I often tell my clients that I want to support their capacity to accept love and joy. That is what happened for me on this pilgrimage. I want to thank you both for all the hard work you did to create the environment that supported that happening. You are an excellent team in managing the practical and the spiritual. You created the space for me to find things I have longed for for years.

THANK YOU!!"SW, Portland, Oregon.
"Sincerely, I feel changed to my boots. I find my connection with Nature has improved and increased. My awareness of the Faery Realms has opened enormously. Grace seems to pop into my life more frequently. And I dearly miss Sticky Toffee Pudding!"

JMcK, Longmont, CO.
"You created and delivered an incredible tour of sites...and wonderful accommodations! Now that I'm home, I feel the value from the trip blossoming like a bountiful garden more and more, every day.

"JE, Lyle, WA.
"How can we ever thank you for – yet again – providing such a wonderful 12 days in Scotland! I had thought that the Irish journey was unsurpassable – but our pilgrimage to the isles was quite magical, and I will never forget any moment of it. It deepened my understanding of the “Connections” and is so enriched my spiritual life. It is indeed hard now to settle back into “ordinary living”, and yet the magic remains and provides inner strength and optimism for the future."

VC, Cumbria, England.
"Words will never express how wonderful the trip has been and what superb leaders you are!"

R.H., Hollister, CA

"Inspirational! Educational! Heart-filled! "

L and S.B., Pleasanton, CA

"Thank you for your blessings, wisdom and wonderful vision of a life-transforming journey."

M.E., Portland, OR
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