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"The Ireland trip was such a deep well of experience for me. I was most moved by our morning meditation sessions, by our rituals at the sacred wells, by Claire's harp, by our more arduous climb to Maeve's cairn, and by our silent meditative time in the Fairy Glen.....there were so many moments in the trip, each day surpassed the previous one in new awakenings. I treasured your sharing the wealth of your knowledge of the Celtic legends and goddesses, as well as your reverence for the magic of this land."

Barbara S., Iowa.
The Sacred Feminine in the West of Ireland:
A Homecoming of the Soul
July 10th - July 17th, 2019

Day One
We will meet at Dublin Airport where our private coach will drive us to Kildare, the town founded by Ireland's greatest goddess and saint, Brighid. We will visit the site of her ancient fire temple, see her sacred flame that has been newly relit for this century, and hold our opening circle at her lovely holy wells. Then it's westwards to Sligo, where we will settle into Temple House and its beautiful surroundings.

Day Two
Today we attune to the oldest goddess of the land, the Cailleach, and visit the legendary cairns of Carrowkeel in the Bricklieve Mountains in the company of our local guide, John Wilmott. Here we can physically enter into the womb of this ancient mother goddess. This afternoon we will be John’s guests at Carrowcrory Cottage for an Irish tea and a walk through the Living Tree Labyrinth.

Day Three
We explore the faery magic of the Sídhe, whose queen is one of the most important aspects of the sacred feminine in Ireland, through story, song, and meditation. Then we take a journey to the Waters and the Wild and visit some of the faery haunts in Sligo made famous by W.B. Yeats – places which still resonate with the spirit of the Sidhe.

Hill of Tara - sacred centre of Ireland
Day Four
Today we explore our connection to the ancestors and learn about Queen Medb (Maeve), one of the most powerful of all the Celtic goddesses. We'll take a walk up to her cairn on Knocknarea, a place with magnificent views all over her province of Connacht, to celebrate her stewardship of the Earth. In the afternoon, we'll pay a visit to the extraordinary Neolithic complex of Carrowmore, home to one of the largest and oldest groups of ancient sites in Europe.

Day Five
After a talk and meditation on the healing goddesses of Ireland, including Brighid and Airmid, the Irish Mother of Herbal Healing, who is associated with this area, we will go to Carrowcrory Cottage to gather reeds for our own Brighid’s crosses, which we will make in the traditional sacred way. Later we'll pay a visit to a lovely holy well to bless and charge the crosses through traditional rites. Another highlight of this day will be a magical harp performance by Irish singer and harpist, Claire Roche.

Day Six
This morning we'll explore the myths of the faery women of the sea, and visit one of the most magical haunts of the Sídhe in the hushed and hidden Fairy Glen, where we will spend time attuning to their subtle energies. Then we head on down to the famous Seaweed Baths for a healing and relaxing soak followed by a refreshing walk along a beautiful beach. This evening we will have our own private concert by local traditional musicians at Temple House.

Day Seven
This morning we'll take a walk up to a 5,000 year old ancestral court cairn. Court cairns seem to have been constructed for ritual or social gatherings. Afterwards, we'll visit Sligo Town, a small but lively place, where you can visit the Yeats Museum and also drop in to see Michael Quirke, storyteller and woodcarver of mythological figures. This evening we'll perform a closing ceremony at Temple House.

Day Eight

Leaving Connacht, we head eastwards to the Hill of Tara, the ancient royal centre of Ireland, and say our farewells to the Goddesses of the Seven Directions at the Stone of Destiny. We close our circle with a blessing at the lovely Well of the White Cow, dedicated to the goddess Boannd of the River Boyne. Then on to Dublin Airport and flights home.
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