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From our first trip, June 2017:
"The Sacred Feminine in France journey was very impactful for me as well as a magnificent chance to simply "be" and discover the ancient treasures of Occitania. . . Thank you again so deeply for your wise guidance and inspiration."

D. Mann, Claremont, California, USA
"It was so special to have journeyed with you and the group in such a sacred area of France. . . heart centred, healing and expanding. . ."

S. Wells, Lewes, England
"My sense of the Feminine in myself and our world has deepened and evolved through my time in France and more to be revealed I am sure. Thank you Mara!"

L. Fisher, Vancouver, B.C. , Canada
"France was everything I hoped it would be! The places we went to, our morning ritual and meditations, the history....all very special."

J. Merritt, Pittsburgh, PA
"I really had a great time on the trip, and found it to be enlightening and meaningful. . . I really loved the beauty of nature in the region and I appreciated how we started with prehistory and worked up to the more recent manifestations of the divine feminine. I had never seen a black madonna before, and found the two that we saw to be real characters and beauties. . .to be at one of the original sources of the Grail legend, even climbing Montsegur, was incredible, and moving. I love a good mystery and there are plenty of enigmas and fascinating puzzles in the area. There were many high points: dancing the circle dances in the castle was one, also the incredible cavern."

J. Greig, Kosovo
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